What is the Danette Challenge?

What is the Danette Challenge?

IF you’ve found this site then let me tell you you are in the right place. The Danette May 30 day challenge is sweeping nations as an inspirational story on how to get fit, lose weight and take on the challenge of life.

The idea is that in 30 days you can challenge yourself to complete the diet and excerice tasks that are available in the PDF’s, videos and meal plan/recipe cards.

Dannet’s age will surprise you when you find out (I’m not going to ruin the surprise) but her true life story may shock you. She has written books on her personal biography and they deal with issues such as her marriage, her divorce, whena nd where she was born, her kids and even her lost son who died.

Dannete May recipes:

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Dannete May Workouts:

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3 min abs:


5 min workout:

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3 day detox:


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I know, it’s a bit much! To read all the content on those sites would take years! And then they’d add some more… and then how much I’d actually remember, well, it would be a right waste of time! So instead if you don’t have all that time, start with this article instead.